Music by Constant Goddard and lyrics and vocals by me

Photo by Robert Trakofler

Stroll this sphere
Of souls
Strides unclear
-ly shown
strain and fear
Take toll
Gets cold
Scattered tears
Take hold
Stealing years


Can see
The art
Run free
cry …
the plea’s
of hearts
the scenes
of dreams
set free
rain art
on me…

Or State of Matters, States of Matters, Mind over Matters or Matters of State. A poem By Robert Trakofler

A monochrome photograph of me clutching my forehead reflected from a puddle of water with a thin grin
Photo of me reflected off of a puddle taken by me:)
Spoken word by me

From a distance I watch the ripples rise
As rain drops strike the hot summer pavement
Steam lifts to warp the scene before my eyes
As it shifts states of matter and my placement

The earthy scent of a cloudbursts baptize
Washing the dry grit of…

A pause for some poetic thought

Mixed media primitive painting of an older man sitting in a lounge chair staring intently with a contemplative expression
Artist unknown from my collection (circa 1940's)

I have an obsession with waves this is my sketch of motion…

AS always thank you for reading and or listening to my poem it means the world to this old poet. Audio link at the bottom of my poem:)

I gesture in the regard of a sunset smile
As I…

Poetry and spoken word (A true story)

Photograph of an art installation at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh

The luminous man
Always carried many lights
You must understand
He survived a ghastly plight
A blackouts remand
On a stormy summer night
With just room to stand
In a lift was trapped mid flight
Many souls were crammed
In a dark vault without sight
Sense of time expands
When your adrenalines hiked
No fresh air was fanned
As their temperatures…

A Reflection on Mr. T S Eliot’s “The Hollow Men”

Photograph by author

Smoke curls along the lenses
of my fancy protective
blue light spectacles
As I take another drag of my cigarette
and a sip of my coffee
a strained exhale coalesces smoke
in front of my monitor
glancing the blank screen
of my 5 am mind
Generally, my first cup is spent
Staring at the blank page
by the second…

Poetry and spoken word

Photograph by author


As quickly as my feet hit the ground
the impressions of my steps get filled
in momentary displacements
as the rolling sands continue their course
quickening my pace
lest I lose my footing
with what little command of gravity I possess
or get swallowed by the flow
I understand it isn’t personal…

Robert Trakofler

Poetry & lyric writer, drummer & vocalist Owner of an art gallery, antique store, Vegan restaurant and performance venue in Pittsburgh called The Zenith.

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